Virtual tours

Virtual tour is a great way to increase awareness of your company and products or services. In this way, your customers can see in advance the environment they will come to and the people they will meet there, which will allow them to strengthen their confidence in your offer.


E-learning represents an effective and highly interactive tool for online employee training. It can be a presentation of the virtual world of your company, complete with tests, quizzes, exams or questions, all for time or points with the possibility of advanced evaluation of each worker or applicant.


360° footage from a drone

360° footage from a drone gives you amazing opportunities to visually present your company or hotel facilities. These 360° photos from a height integrated into the entire virtual presentation, professionally and safely with a CINE drone and a worker with certification for aerial work. The results are detailed images so they can be used for presentations and marketing materials.

3D models

3D models will take your presentaion on a completely new dimension, because we are able to incorporate detailed 3D models of any objects for you, directly in the virtual presentation. We can model them according to photos in a 3D program or use a detailed 3D scanner.

Video production

Video production options to shoot in 10bit 4:2:2 color depth and high dynamic range, sensitive microphones, all this as an animation of a virtual presentation or creation of separate projects.



360° video

360° video – we use a unique camera with six independent lenses that, through specific software, can combine the image in one moment to create an impressive three-dimensional video

Marketing support

Analysis and design of marketing support for a virtual tour  – Have you received a finished virtual presentation from us but don't know what to do next? You will receive a free consultation from a marketing specialist who will advise you on how to effectively use the presentation to promote your company or products


We use modern techniques and technologies

we prefer quality nad quantity

Why choose us?


You don't have to solve anything, we offer you a comprehensive solution without any worries! We are a well-coordinated team that simply works efficiently. Every order is a challenge for us and we always looking for a quality result while taking into account the specific needs of the customer.


We use new technologies and thus guarantee a high standard of the resulting quality of the virtual tour. We constantly follow the latest trends in the industry. In this way, we will incorporate modern interactive elements into your virtual tour that will capture your senses!


We will provide you with a personalized solution to suit your needs. Whether it is a tour of a property, a hotel facility, a cultural institution or any other type of industry, it is important for us to get as much information as possible. Together with you, we will consult your requirements and prepare a solution just for you. Our goal is to create a virtual tour for you that fully meets your needs and provides users with an engaging and interactive experience.


We take care of our customers not only during the contract, but we also provide them with above-standard care after the contract has ended. We are ready to secure technical support and, if necessary, perform maintenance so that the tour is always up-to-date and functional. We also offer you the services of our marketing specialist, who will suggest how to get the most out of your virtual presentation. Customer support is important to us and we strive to ensure that you always have a positive and hassle-free experience with our virtual tours.

How it works?

Would you like to have a virtual tour processed by us, but are you worried that it will be time-consuming for you? Our team will provide you with a comprehensive service, from photography to a proposal for promoting a virtual tour. It‘s easy:

  1. We will get into your needs and arrange a first meeting
  2. We will prepare the documentation for the virtual tour
  3. We will come to you and take pictures of the premises with maximum regard to your requirements
  4. We will prepare the first version and consult the necessary facts and data with you
  5. Depending on the scope of the inspection, we will deliver the final version to you as soon as possible
  6. We offer the option of updating the virtual presentation in time according to your requirements

And what else do you get from us?

  • Lifetime license for virtual presentation
  • We will provide you with our specialist who will suggest how to make your virtual tour more visible and integrated
  • We will contact you after a certain time to see if the virtual presentation is being used as efficiently as possible and we will propose a solution

Get in touch with us and together we'll find a solution​

Are you interested in our work? Do you need more information? Contact us and together we will find a solution.
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