Singureni Manor

hotel resort / Romania

Guest experience

The task was to prepare a unique virtual tour that combine both accommodation spaces, with an emphasis on simplicity and clarity of control, the possibility of switching between day and night mode in individual rooms, and emphasizing the indoor and outdoor restaurants. Within the Singureni Horse area, there was a request to inspect several types of rooms, and within the Lodge, all areas, including the view from the balconies.

How did the collaboration go?

Singureni Manor was our biggest hotel project to date. The work was demanding mainly because of the huge area that the resort covered. We used the drone not only for our orientation, but also as a basic connecting element of the two hotels, so that the viewer can correctly place them in the whole during the tour. On the first day, we scanned the premises, which ended with a meeting with the general manager of the hotel, to whom we presented the final form of the concept. The next two days were followed by work on photographing all the spaces, mostly in two phases of the day, in order to capture the daytime and nighttime atmosphere of the rooms.

What they said about us

“The surprise was how professionally our new friends from the Czech Republic behaved. After a long car journey, they immediately threw themselves into researching the most suitable places to take photos. We then agreed on the details at a working dinner together, and then I didn’t see them for two days. Everything photographed quickly and discreetly, with our guests in mind”

Adrian Adam - General Manager of Singureni Manor Resort

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