Volvo Olfin Car, Trutnov
We received three tasks at the client. Emphasize the service as a place of cleanliness and order, as a place where the customer can directly watch the work of the mechanics on his car. Furthermore, to increase the sale of car accessories and also to provide maximum freedom of movement throughout the building and beyond.
Gregor Johan Mendel Museum​, Brno
The task was to create a comprehensive virtual tour of the Old Brno Abbey, including the Augustinian monastery, the modern part of the Mendel Museum and the apiary for the 200th anniversary of the birth of this genius.
Singureni Manor​ hotel resort Romania​
The task was to prepare a unique virtual tour that combine both accommodation spaces, with an emphasis on simplicity and clarity of control, the possibility of switching between day and night mode in individual rooms, and emphasizing the indoor and outdoor restaurants. Within the Singureni Horse area, there was a request to inspect several types of rooms, and within the Lodge, all areas, including the view from the balconies.
Virtual Tour Café Větev
Working with Vladimír Macoun, the owner of the Větev café in Mirotice, is challenging. This man has his own mind and doesn't give you space for any conservative solutions. So, from the beginning to the end, it was all about playing with different concepts and crazy ideas. And that's why we ended up enjoying it so much.

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