Clean work

We received three tasks at the client. Emphasize the service as a place of cleanliness and order, as a place where the customer can directly watch the work of the mechanics on his car. Furthermore, to increase the sale of car accessories and also to provide maximum freedom of movement throughout the building and beyond.

How the cooperation looked like?

The choice for the service fell on a short video, which is part of the virtual tour, in which it is shown how precise the entire work process is and how they think about the client and his car during this process. At the same time, we have prepared an order form for the service, which is a direct part of the premises of the service itself. For the second task, we decided to go the route of photos of accessories and added textual information to them, and above all the possibility to open websites with details and technical parameters directly in the virtual presentation. We conceived the third task as maximum freedom of movement outside the car showroom as well as inside it. So there is an opportunity to walk around the car showroom itself, go inside, sit in individual car models, go to the director’s office or perhaps visit the boiler room and the roof with solar panels.


What they said about us

“I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and efficiency of creating such a complex virtual tour. A big bonus, taking into account the space and materials, was the switch between day and night and a completely different view of the interior of the car showroom. Overall, the virtual tour was about small worries in the implementation and a great impression of the result.”

Ing. Viktor Kuhn – the owner of a car dealership

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