Gregor Johan Mendel Museum


Brilliant solution

The task was to create a comprehensive virtual tour of the Old Brno Abbey, including the Augustinian monastery, the modern part of the Mendel Museum and the apiary for the 200th anniversary of the birth of this genius.

How the cooperation looked like?

We have used all the possibilities of virtual presentation here, the guide in Czech gives an explanation of all the antiques, the enlargement of the image down to the details and textual information are available. But the most attractive thing is the tour within the tour, when we took a picture of Jerusalem several times and the viewer can see it in detail as another virtual photo. Everything is accompanied by video clips, we also took care to mute the interpretation or completely remove all “clicking” elements, if this would interfere with the tour of the rooms.

What they said about us

“From the very beginning it was a pleasure to work with the whole team, they took the photos quietly and in a time-efficient way, faithfully capturing the atmosphere of all the places where it is possible to find the trace of Gregor Mendel.”

Mgr. Miriam Kolářová – art historian

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