Café Větev

café & roastery & shop in Mirotice

A bit of madness

Working with Vladimír Macoun, the owner of the Větev café in Mirotice, is challenging. This man has his own mind and doesn’t give you space for any conservative solutions. So, from the beginning to the end, it was all about playing with different concepts and crazy ideas. And that’s why we ended up enjoying it so much.

How did the collaboration go?

The introductory image before entering the tour was prepared by the owner himself, and his request was to change the word ‘Virtual.’ So, in the end, everything took on the dimension of the mixed-up concept of a ‘Firtual tour.’ We focused here on a slightly different solution. Not just to make a tour, but to prepare entire web pages, where there will be not only usual information and contacts, but also virtual spaces. Moreover, at the Větev café, coffee is also roasted, but somewhere behind closed doors. So, we opened the café more to the world, and visitors can look into the roastery. There are two videos there, one showing the journey of the coffee bean to a delicious cup of coffee and the other educating everyone who wants to learn about the preparation of this beverage. We will just add a contest linking the TikTok network and a direct link to the e-shop with Vladimír’s delicious syrups.

What they said about us

The world is small and it’s full of coincidences. I met Radek more than a year ago in Písek, where I parked my car, which Radek had also featured in some of his YouTube reports. One thing led to another, and we started collaborating on the virtual tour of our café. His work was pure and honest, much like our approach to preparing good coffee for our customers.
Vladimír Macoun – „director“ of the Café

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