Virtual tour with e-learning: a new dimension of interactive learning

We recently studied with a customer the possibilities of teaching directly in a virtual tour. Its need was based on the company's relatively high employee turnover and the high cost of initial training. I suggested to him to use an already finished virtual environment with many interactive elements as a basis for so-called e-learning. The term e-learning can be explained as training online, remotely and in a computer, tablet or mobile phone environment.

Virtusfera and its team can fully integrate such training into an existing virtual tour that we have implemented in the past or create a completely new tour that can be used mainly for training purposes. And what all can be measured or evaluated? For a start, a little imagination. You have a ready-made virtual tour, a fully functional model where you can move freely around the company, the plant, the hall, etc. Many interactive elements such as videos, photos or voice accompaniment successfully complement all this. And in this tour we will ask the question at some point. The answer can be in ABC option mode or manually typed into the box. In addition, we can either evaluate the answers right away (in colors: red for wrong and green for right) or give no feedback to the respondent and skip to another question. At the end of the test, or training if you prefer, the interviewee will see their correct answers. In addition, you can choose the point value for each question, the time requirement to complete the test, or measure the time it took to answer.

Evaluation of e-learning

Each similar test should also have a final assessment. This can be done with an LMS, i.e. Learning Management System. It must be an integral part of the whole process. It can evaluate individual respondents and must be able to sort them into a meaningful data set that will be the main input for the staff member evaluating the effort and knowledge of all respondents. This was also part of the brief, and we were able to apply this as well.

“School by Play” in a virtual tour

In this quote by Jan Amos Komenský we find inspiration for improving e-learning in the virtual tour. As mentioned earlier, the outcome of training or testing often depends on the method chosen. A virtual tour offers various assessment options, including games for time or collecting points hidden in the question environment. The choice depends on the target group and the company’s strategy. We at Virtusphere can help you realize that vision. There is no doubt that testing in a virtual environment is not only more fun, but also more effective than traditional online methods.

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