Discover the magic of 360° video in a virtual tour

When the virtual tour ‘comes to life’ with 360° video

In this blog, as mentioned before, we’ll highlight a feature that will take your marketing to the next level. It’s the ability to incorporate 360° videos into virtual tours. The purpose is clear; not everything can be conveyed to customers, suppliers, or even employees through spatial photographs alone. Often, even adding a video clip isn’t sufficient. It’s precisely 360° videos that give a whole new dimension to the information you intend to convey. Spatial videos allow you to see everything from a complete perspective, and if your employee is included in such a video, they can freely move around the special camera and present from places where a regular camera wouldn’t have such an observational angle, requiring a cut.

Using 360° video in practice

When we imagine this in the context of a production line, we can capture several virtual photographs and guide the viewer through the entire process. For each significant technology, product, or service, the viewer can click on the 360° video symbol and instantly find themselves in a new environment, this time with an employee who will explain everything in detail directly within the spatial video. When such an employee then wants to move outside the current field of view of the viewer, the viewer must also turn in space. The sense of reality is much stronger here than with a traditional video clip

Only the best in engineering and technology

The question arises as to what is actually being used to capture everything. At Virtusfera, the desire for the perfect result has led us to buy the best we can get at the moment. The 360° video camera doesn’t look like a traditional camera, nor does it look like an oversized phone. At first glance, you’d think it was more like a UFO. A black, all-metal sphere and six “eyes” of a high-precision optical system. Everything is recorded via six separate chips on seven data cards (the seventh one stores auxiliary files) in real time.
The camera itself is equipped with a high-performance battery and, of course, a pair of threads for mounting on any tripod and for other accessories. There is also the option to attach a special surround microphone, so any voice or sound will be heard from the exact spot where it was taken. The final experience is therefore not only about the image, but also carries with it an excellent sound perception.

At the first glance, you would think that is more like UFO. A black, all methal sphere and “six eyes” of a high-precision optical system.

Where can 360° video be applied?

Especially where you want to show space. Where it is not possible to explain technologies, products or services in one shot. Where you want to train or present a production program. For many of your customers, explaining production technology will lead to a better understanding of the philosophy, the idea “behind it”. In fact, many of the things that differentiate your business from your competitors run up against a misunderstanding of the pursuit of quality and modern processes. It can then happen that the customer may prefer a seemingly cheaper solution, believing that “it’s actually the same”. After all, it is the idea and the intention that is important, and we can of course help with the rest…

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