Live panorama – when one shot isn’t enough

There are places that grab your heart at any time of the day. Whether at dawn, noon or dusk, the magical atmosphere is literally interwoven with them. But conventional virtual tours and panoramic photographs only ever capture a single moment, usually during the day in absolutely optimal exposure and lighting conditions. Fortunately, there's another technology. Very processing intensive, but all the more impressive to watch. Welcome to the world of Live Panorama.
live panorama

What is Live Panorama?

A live panorama, as the name suggests, is a collection of many panoramic photographs taken at an identical location but at different times. The photographer has to shoot the area at the same starting point in the morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon, afternoon and evening. Often he finishes the work at night. A possible disadvantage is the need to have the same conditions for the photograph, ideally without people and animals and without moving objects. This process gradually creates the entire Live panorama. If we assume that only one panoramic photo is composed of 72 sub-photos, then in this way more than 300 photos need to be processed to result in a single queen of photos.

How does Live Panorama work in practice?

When putting together the tour of Singureni Manor Hotel *****, we stumbled upon an exceptional location. In the forest behind the restaurant, we discovered over twenty bubbles, each containing tables and benches. Hundreds of light bulbs were scattered throughout the entire forest area, creating a truly magical ambiance. It proved to be an ideal setting for creating a Live panorama. We captured several times of day, starting from the morning and dedicating ourselves to the transition from late afternoon with twilight to night. The result is truly remarkable. The viewer is first transported to the morning or late morning amidst the bubbles, and as the panoramic photograph rotates, the surroundings gradually darken before the light bulbs illuminate, and one of the igloos (or bubbles) opens. While not directly related to this theme, upon entering the bubble, the viewer sees a table set with local specialties and can even have wine poured for them in a short video clip.

live panorama den_noc

Why use Live Panorama for your presentation?

Live panorama is not easy, its difficulty comes at a price. However, for a unique experience in places where it is beautiful all day long and where the atmosphere is made even more special by the hand of man in the form of nice lighting after dark, it is worth considering this fascinating technique. There is nothing better than surprising potential customers with something new and novel.

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